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Language Levels


Language levels A1 to C1 are commonly used to describe a person's proficiency in a foreign language. Here are the descriptions for each language level:



A beginner can understand and use basic expressions and sentences to fulfill simple needs. They can ask and answer simple questions, and understand simple instructions.



An elementary speaker can communicate in everyday situations, such as talking about family, hobbies, and work. They can understand and write simple texts, and maintain a simple conversation.



An intermediate speaker can communicate in most everyday situations and can read and write texts based on their interests and experiences. They can also participate in discussions and express their opinion.



An upper-intermediate speaker can communicate fluently in various situations and has a broad understanding of the language. They can read and write more complex texts and participate in discussions on different topics.



An advanced speaker at this level has a high level of language proficiency and can communicate fluently and spontaneously in almost all situations. They can also understand and write complex texts and participate in discussions at a high level.



A proficient speaker at this level has nearly perfect command of the language and can communicate spontaneously and fluently in any situation. They can also read and write challenging texts and participate in sophisticated discussions.

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