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This will make your German exam child's play 👍 🎓 😉 ☀️ 

exam preparation courses
A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1

The following applies to all courses in general:

You need an internationally recognized certificate or the language passport fide as proof of your German language skills and want to take an exam?


Then you've come to the right place. 👍😀

I will either accompany you sporadically in your exam preparation according to your needs (grammar, conversation, vocabulary...) or intensively to very intensively. In any case, I will prepare you purposefully for your exam and offer you many opportunities to practice German independently.

  • If you are not familiar with the exam objectives, we will go through them together.

  • We train all areas of the exam and simulate a real exam so that you can master the exam safely and confidently and there are no "unforeseen surprises".

  • We work especially on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. ☀️

  • We design a perfect learning and exam strategy for you!

  • You will receive tips and practice materials

To assess your level of knowledge and learning success, I use the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

The language certificates that are accepted as evidence of language skills by the naturalization authorities in Switzerland may vary depending on the canton and municipality. However, the following language certificates are generally recognized as proof of sufficient language skills:


fide Test:

The fide Test is an internationally recognized language diploma that certifies language competence in German as a foreign language. It is offered by telc GmbH and is available in many countries worldwide.


telc Deutsch:

telc GmbH offers various language certificates at different levels. For naturalization in Switzerland, the certificates telc Deutsch B1 and telc Deutsch B2 are generally accepted.



The TestDaF is a language test that is accepted by many German universities as proof of sufficient German language skills. In Switzerland, the TestDaF is also recognized as evidence of language skills by some cantons.


Goethe Certificate:

The Goethe Certificate is an internationally recognized language diploma that certifies language competence in German as a foreign language. It is offered by various Goethe-Institutes worldwide and is recognized in Switzerland as evidence of language skills.


Since the specific requirements and acceptance of language certificates may vary depending on the canton and municipality, we will inquire with the relevant naturalization authorities in your place of residence to obtain accurate information regarding the requirements that apply to you.

Suitable for private lessons and group lessons ✅

Each course trains, strengthens and expands



However, you are also free to decide which of these skills you would like to practice more intensively.

Would you like to participate in a German exam preparation course online?

Test the exam training free of charge and without obligation!

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