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Learn German and still have fun 😁  🎓 😉 ☀️ 

Tutoring in German language

The following applies to all courses in general:

Help with homework or catch up on missed lessons for pupils


I offer my young students extra help with their homework, explain and check the tasks to be completed. For this purpose, the students usually send me a digital picture of the respective problem from their textbook before the start of the lesson.


I also have many other exercises online so that the relevant topic can be deepened, and you will be well-prepared for the next exam.

Since the students communicate with me in German as much as possible, the motivation increases automatically: they talk about their personal concerns (hobbies, friends, school, etc.) and finally they actively use the German language.

New vocabulary is recorded on the virtual board and used sentences or grammar topics are analyzed.


With fun games, the young people strengthen their language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing naturally. 

Perhaps other classmates would like to take part in the German lessons. This way you can benefit from the great group offer or, if you meet each other, from the great special offer for friends.

Age: starting by the age of 14 (under certain circumstances also possible by the age of 12)

The initial communication will be with the parents. The parents should also be present at the trial lesson in case the kids need some help.

Suitable for private lessons and group lessons ✅

Each course trains, strengthens and expands



However, you are also free to decide which of these skills you would like to practice more intensively.

Would you like to improve your German besides your school German lessons?

Testing free and non-binding my German tutoring offer!

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