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👩‍💻 your personal online language school for German lessons 👩‍💻

Deutsch online lernen nach deinen persönlicen Interessen

Learn German online according to your personal interests

Hello! Great that you landed here. 😀


My name is Daniela 👩💻, I am a German native speaker 🇩🇪 and I am happy to systematically build up, improve or reinforce your German skills 🇩🇪🇨🇭.


Since 2010 I have been teaching German at all levels also online via Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. This way of teaching and learning is not only fun, but it also offers a lot of freedom, is up-to-date and very efficient. Lesson appointments can be booked flexibly and be held completely independent of location.


With the help of the virtual whiteboard, we can write, read, do/correct homework, etc. at the same time. I adapt 100% to the specific needs and level of each student. For example, you choose the conversation topic and based on that we will analyze, learn, practice and deepen grammatical aspects.


I will support your independent learning by means of vocabulary lists, flashcards, interactive online exercises and many helpful advices. 


Are you preparing for a job interview in German language or do you have to take one of the

Goethe-Institut language exams? Do you need help with your naturalization in Switzerland? No problem! 💪


Together we develop a customized program for you to achieve optimal results within a short period of time and with the maximum satisfaction. 

What makes online German lessons so special?

What makes online German lessons so special?

You decide, when, how, where and how much you want to learn/practice.

Your level of language expression and understanding in written and oral use will be gradually deepened at your own pace.


Maximum timetable flexibility including lessons on holidays and weekends if desired.

You will receive my full attention during each lesson and the instruction will be individually tailored to your needs.

During our lessons we will be able to see and talk with one another and use the virtual blackboard with my lesson material.

What is necessary?

What is necessary?

You will need
  1. A headset with microphone is recommended for the best audio quality.

  2. A stable internet connection. 

  3. A webcam (optional).

  4. An account with Google and eventually with Zoom or Skype

What happens during the lesson?

What happens during the lesson?

The didactic methods of teaching vary depending on the type of student and the goals of the student.

Usually the lessons consist of a mixture of conversation and grammar exercises appropriate to the language level. We will deal with topics that are of particular interest to you. Each topic can be deepened by role-playing games, general games, various didactic tools (e.g. interesting blog articles, songs, poems, jokes, picture descriptions, online exercises, etc.). Lessons are flexible and creative. I am very happy about suggestions and ideas. 👍 

From the first lesson, (mainly) German is spoken. If necessary, I can explain complicated grammar or content in English or Italian. 😅


When the lesson is finished and you are satisfied and/or think on our “conversation” with a smile, then you have improved your language skills with intuition while having fun. Grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and other aspects of the German language are important, but these should not, under any circumstances, hinder the language learning process. Beginners especially enjoy making fast progress  because German grammar is wonderfully logical and vocabulary is a fun puzzle. The phonetics will be embedded in your memory without problems in the first lesson.


Talking, talking, talking opens the doors to all cultures.



The lessons will take place via video conference (Google, Zoom or Skype).

You decide whether you want to use the webcam or not.

We can either make a new appointment for the next German lesson each time or decide on a fixed weekly lesson schedule.

I will send you an invoice when we are all enthusiastic about each other after the trial lesson and have clarified availability.

Why is my method so effective and successful?

DaF online method

Why is my method so effective and successful?

  • Your personal learning goal and needs are in the focus.

  • During the lessons, your existing knowledge of German, other language skills and your personality (learning style, age, etc.) are taken into account.

  • You adapt the course flexibly to your private or professional environment.

  • You choose your own learning rhythm and decide how much time you want to invest.

  • I give you concrete tips for your "German learning" project. We will find out which learning strategies and which time management suits you best, so that you can dedicate yourself to the German language in an efficient and focused way.

  • The individual learning priorities (speaking, understanding, reading and writing) will be taught in a balanced way or, if you wish, intensified individually.

  • To evaluate your level and your learning success, I refer to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Since I am also fluent in English and Italian, as well as a bit of French, I can point out typical mistakes whose origin usually is in the literal translation. I know these stumbling traps from my own experience. 🙃 They can be funny, but also lead to embarrassing situations.

  • Also, I know the feeling of living/being in a foreign country and not knowing the language.

  • You get all my 100% attention.

My personal skills

My personal skills

I teach the German language with enthusiasm, passion and creativity, remaining flexible and open to great suggestions and ideas. 🌞

Due to my own personal experiences, I can put myself in your shoes as a foreigner or language learner. 🇩🇪🇨🇭

Thanks to my language skills, more complicated topics can be taught in an alternative language (English 🇲🇾 or Italian 🇮🇹) and I can usually help my students with word-finding problems without having to look them up in a dictionary. ✅

Furthermore, I am very motivated, dynamic, flexible, super organized, and I am looking forward to every lesson. 💪

If you finish the lesson with a smile, even more motivated and with a satisfied sensation, expecting the next lesson with eager anticipation, I have reached my personal goal. ☀️

While I have many years of teaching experience, I am always excited about questions from my students that I cannot answer spontaneously, and I will investigate the solution with the keenest curiosity and be sure to provide the perfect answer in the following lesson.🧐

Exploring my mother tongue and other languages as well as cultures is among my passions.🔥

I love to immerse in new, interesting and challenging topics (education, artificial intelligence, art, animals, and on and on). For example, I also built my website by myself. Would you like to build a website and improve your German at the same time? It's possible. 😀

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