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Topics for conversation classes

Great topics for conversation classes

Whether in individual or group lessons, there will certainly be one or the other interesting topic for you...

The topics can be 100% personalized 😉

Everyday topics of conversation:

  • Weather, family, spare time, hobbies, work, travel

  • German or Swiss culture and traditions

  • Comparison with your home country and intercultural differences

  • Personal goals and ambitions in relation to language skills

  • Learning strategies and tips for language learning

  • Current topics and news

  • Influencers, movies, music and books

  • Food and Drinks, special diets

  • Different countries and cities (also in Germany or Switzerland)

  • sports and exercise

  • Art and Culture

  • history and politics

  • Technology and innovation (e.g. AI)

  • environmental and social issues

  • career opportunities and education

  • family and relationships

  • friendship and social relationships

  • ethics and morals

  • philosophy and ideologies

  • religion and spirituality.

Personal topics:

  • Personal interests and preferences

  • Dreams and future plans

  • experiences and challenges in life

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • family background and children

  • friends and leisure activities

  • travel and adventures

  • successes and failures

  • learning processes and educational pathways

  • Personal values and beliefs

  • emotions and feelings.

Topics where the sparks can fly...

  • Current political issues and events

  • environmental and climate issues

  • human rights and justice

  • Economic and social injustice

  • migration and integration

  • education and health systems

  • Technology and Privacy

  • crime and violence

  • religion and tolerance

  • Feminism and Gender issues

  • nationalism and patriotism.


Would you like to speak German more confidently and fluently?

Give it a try!

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