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Speaking - conversation training

🗣 👂

(Speaking, listening comprehension and vocabulary

train in Germann)


✅     The conversation topics depend on yours level, goal and your wishes.

✅    Everyday communication will always be easier for you. You will understand more step by step and express yourself more clearly.


✅    You will learn proverbs and idioms.


✅    You practice correct pronunciation.


✅    Your vocabulary will be enlarged and consolidated. If you can't find the words, I'll stand helpful to the side.


✅    You get a better feel for the language.


✅     There are many interesting reports and news, radio plays and other content to listen to on the Internet for independent learning, which are calibrated to your language level.

I would be happy to send you the appropriate links.

✅    Suitable for individual and group lessons.


✅  You will receive a list of new vocab regarding the words you learned in class and interactive flashcards to enrich your vocabulary.

Small note, an example:

Toddlers who are just learning and deepening their mother tongue attach great importance to their parents telling the same bedtime stories over and over again. And woe, woe, if the parents let their creativity run wild and tell the story a little differently or choose a different choice of words. The attentive child will immediately correct the parents.

Let's take the little language geniuses as a role model! Listen to spoken texts several times: repetition makes perfect!

Would you like to take a German conversation course online?

Test the conversation training for free and without obligation!

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