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German Placement test
A1, A2, B1

The German placement test shows your current language level

This test will take a close look at your proficiency in the German language. Whether you're a beginner (A1) just taking your first steps in the language, or an intermediate (B2) who has almost perfect knowledge of the language, a test like this will show it!

In the section below you will find placement tests for levels A1, A2 and B1. Here you will be evaluated on your skills and knowledge in the fields of reading, writing, listening and grammar. You will be asked to read texts, understand audio recordings, answer in writing, etc. It's a great way to improve and practice your skills.  Plus, you get to see how far you've come!

So, go ahead and show what you are up to! Tell me about your results! Where were your strengths, where were your weaknesses?

Placement test A1, A2, B1

In the online placement testDeutsche Welle Reading, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary skills are tested. The tests are divided into various levels and contain 30 tasks.

Placement test from easy to difficult

This placement test byGerman perfectis divided into EASY (A level), MEDIUM (B level) and HARD (C level).

Placement test from A1 to C1

In the placement test ofVelcroyou answer 64 questions.

Placement test by the Goethe Institute

This placement test from the Goethe-Institut gives you an initial orientation of your language level.

Placement test A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

In the online placement testCornelsonReading, listening and vocabulary skills are tested. The tests are divided into various levels.

Would you also like to improve your language level orally?

Give it a try!

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