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🇹🇭In this online course we cover everything you need to know for naturalization.
🇹🇭You will learn important facts about history, geography, politics, social norms and customs in Switzerland that are relevant for the test.

🇹🇭 We deal with the canton and municipality where you live and want to naturalise.


🇹🇭With the help of role-playing games and simulation, I will prepare you for the naturalization test interview and give you tips on how to master it successfully and confidently. 


🇹🇭 You collect new knowledge of German in general and expand your vocabulary depending on the topic covered, which is relevant for naturalization.


🇹🇭 If you have not yet reached the required language level (A2 written and B1 oral or B2), I will be happy to assist you. 👍


If your language skills are already good enough, the preparation course for naturalization can be completed in just a few hours (3-10). I will also give you enough material to practice on your own. 


I look forward to seeing you! đŸ‘©‍đŸ’»â€‹


You go to the naturalization test with ease and self-confidence and afterwards you can enjoy all the advantages that naturalization provides. 


 Let's go!

Would you like to participate in the preparation course for naturalization in Switzerland?

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