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Get in and I'll take you to Switzerland or Germany 👍 🎓 🙃 ☀️ 

Application training for your dream job in Germany or Switzerland

The following applies to all courses in general:

Learn everything you need to know about job search, application, interview and salary.



Before this course, you should already have acquired a solid knowledge of grammar.

I will help you as you:

  • conduct a successful job search.

  • write a convincing cover letter and CV in German.

  • prepare yourself perfectly for job interviews in German.

  • convince with your skills and your personality in the interview - also via video conference.

  • score with a positive attitude and the right demeanor.

  • calculate your salary and negotiate strategically and successfully.

And all of that in German. 😀


Nothing stands in the way of your dream job in Switzerland or Germany! 

Suitable for private lessons ✅

Each course trains, strengthens and expands



However, you are also free to decide which of these skills you would like to practice more intensively.

Do you want to apply to a German or Swiss company?

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